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Gourmet Express FAQ


1.       Why should I register with Gourmet Express?
By registering* your name and email address with us, you will be notified by email of our incredible Flash Sales Events. Flash Sales are limited time, highly discounted sales of featured products. All sales during our Flash Sales Event are first come first serve. When all the boxes of the featured product are gone, the sale is over. By registering with us, you will be notified in advance of this excellent opportunity for fantastic savings.

*Registering automatically happens when you submit an order to Gourmet Express for delivery.

2.       How soon can I get my first order delivered?
Your first order can be delivered within 24 hours of completing your order form for the first time.


1.       How do I order?
There are three easy steps to order:

1.       Browse through the products and put checkmarks next to the items for which you would like, and press 'next' when you are ready to order.

2.       Type in your discount if you have one, then press next to proceed.

3.       Select the quantity of each of the items you want delivered, fill in your information and hit send. Your order will be delivered where you want it, when you want it.

It's fast, easy, and convenient!!

2.       Can my order be any size?
There is no minimum order.

3.       Can I change my order or cancel my order?
You can change or cancel your order anytime by either emailing us at order@gourmetexpressltd.com   or call direct at 604-649-9684

4.       Can I order by phone?
Yes, you can order by phone anytime by calling 604-649-9684


1.       How long will the food last in my freezer?
Any of our products that are flash frozen and vacuum sealed will last up to one year in your freezer. Product that is flash frozen but not vacuum sealed (Individually Quick Frozen or IQF) will last up to five months in your freezer.

2.       Where do you get your products from?
We have many great relationships with our suppliers; some of whom have been with us from the beginning. We try to buy "Canadian" as much as possible. For example, almost all of our chicken and beef comes from B.C. and Alberta. Our fish comes from all over the world and is guaranteed to be wild, not farmed. Any product that is deemed "Organic" must meet the highest industry standards and certification.

3.       How can Gourmet Express be so inexpensive?
Gourmet Express purchases in large quantities which allows us to pass along incredible savings to our customers. Prices are also determined by season, product availability, and world markets. We believe that we have one of the best and most efficient purchasing, packaging and distribution systems in the industry. Our centralized location and just-in-time supply chain allows us to pass along great savings to our loyal customers. In addition, we do not have retail locations with high overheads. By keeping our overhead extremely low, we can purchase premium product without having to pass along premium prices to our customers!

4.       What if I don't know how to cook something?
Cooking instructions are on the side of the box of each prepared item. Plain products (steaks etc.) are to be cooked to taste.

5.       Can I return a product?
Our guarantee is rock solid. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, then we will offer you a choice of a full refund of the remaining portion of the product, exchange, credit.


1.       Where does Gourmet Express deliver to?
We can deliver to anywhere in Greater Vancouver in 24 hours. Contact us for more information at order@gourmetexpressltd.com

2.       Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?
Since our products are frozen, they should be put into your freezer/refrigerator soon after delivery. Therefore someone should be home to receive delivery. Our drivers are very accommodating and will deliver when its convenient for YOU, not us. Give us our instructions as to when and where; and we'll be there!!

3.       I live in an apartment, can I receive delivery?
Absolutely. Apartments are no problem. Just don't forget to give us your buzzer number and a time that is convenient for YOU.

4.       Will you deliver to my office / place of work?
You bet!. We can arrange to deliver to your work place near the end of your work day or whenever you want.

5.       What are the delivery charges?
There is no charge for delivery, regardless the size of your order.

6.       Can I change my delivery time/date after I order?
If you need to change the date and /or time of your delivery, please call us as soon as possible at 604-649-9684.   There are no extra charges or fees for changing your delivery details.

7.       Can I arrange to have Gourmet Express deliver to my friend's house?
Yes, we can deliver to wherever you need the order to go. Contact us for details.

8.       Does Gourmet Express deliver internationally?
Although we do get the occasional request; we cannot, at this time, deliver outside of British Columbia.


1.       How do I pay for my order?
Payment for your order is collected by our driver upon delivery. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, personal and company cheques. For personal or corporate gifts, payment can be arranged before delivery.

2.       Does Gourmet Express accept personal cheques?
Yes, we accept personal cheques as long as the address on the cheque matches the delivery address.

3.       Are there delivery charges?
No, there are no delivery charges added to your bill, ever!

If you have a question that has not been covered in the FAQ; or you have a comment or suggestion; please email us at info@gourmetexpressltd.com



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